One-to-One (1:1) Technology at NEXT High School

The purpose of the 1:1 Chromebook program at NEXT High School is to provide opportunities for collaborative learning in an engaging and challenging environment that will prepare our students for life beyond high school. All lessons involving technology will be designed around the technology's ability to engage students, enhance instruction, and extend learning beyond the typical classroom. 

Goals of the 1:1 Program

Engagement - Technology should always increase a student's time-on-task. 

It should never serve as a babysitter or a means of finding distraction from

the instructional and learning activities occurring in the classroom.
Instructional technology implementation at NEXT High School will reflect
this philosophy. 


Enhancement - Technology gives PROs the ability to implement lessons

in ways that can't always be done without technology implementation in the
classroom.  Technology should only be used in the classroom when it 
can be used
to enhance student learning and make the instructional material more approachable for Peers.


Extension - Technology at NEXT High School will be used to give learning a real-world application whenever possible.  With the proper application of educational technology, student learning will be extended to connections beyond the classroom environment to the world around them. 


Online Platforms

At NEXT High School, students will use the Schoology Learning Management System as well as the G Suite for Education platform. Pros may also use various web apps and online collaboration tools. Through these platforms, Peers will work together, complete assignments, make up work, communicate, and create projects of impact.

Device Protection Policy

Students will receive coverage for one incident of accidental screen damage per year. This repair will be handled in-house whenever possible.  Any significant or catastrophic damage will result in one of two courses of action:

1. In the case of accidental damage resulting in the Chromebook no longer being functional, the Peer will      

   receive an older used Chromebook for the remainder of the school year or until repairs can be made.


2. In the case of intentional or careless damage resulting in the Chromebook becoming non-operational, or
    the loss of the Chromebook, the Peer will be charged the replacement cost of the Chromebook.

The majority of Chromebook damages can easily be prevented if the device is properly stored in a case or sleeve. Every Peer should obtain a case, shell, or sleeve for their assigned Chromebook. 
A hard case will provide better protection against potential breaks caused by impact.


Cases and shells also provide students the opportunity to "personalize" their Chromebooks, making them easy to identify if misplaced at school.

 Chromebook replacement cost: $250 

(click to download a copy)

Important Documents

Suggested Accessories:

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