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One-to-One (1:1) Technology at NEXT High School

Our 1:1 Chromebook program provides opportunities for collaborative learning and digital fluency that will prepare our students for life beyond high school.


Our 1:1 technology model also makes it seamless to transition to eLearning and at-home instruction throughout the school year as needed.

Online Platforms

At NEXT High School, students use the G Suite for Education platform, Schoology, and Edmentum. Pros may also use other websites, web apps, and online collaboration tools during instruction and coursework. Peers will work together, complete assignments, make up work, communicate, and create projects of impact.


Device Protection Policy

Any significant or catastrophic damage will result in one of two courses of action:


(1) If accidental damage results in the Chromebook no longer being functional, the Peer will receive a used Chromebook replacement for the remainder of the school year (or until repairs can be made).

(2) If intentional or careless damage results in the Chromebook no longer being functional, or if the Chromebook is lost, the family will be charged the replacement cost of the Chromebook ($250).


The majority of Chromebook damages can easily be prevented if the device is properly stored in a case or sleeve and handled with care.

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