Principal Rick Schwartz

Executive Director of the NEXT School

Prior to becoming the Executive Director and Principal of NEXT High School, Rick served as a partner in an Environmental Engineering Company with a focus on Renewable/Sustainable Energy. He also taught High School, Graduate and Post Graduate School. Rick has a Bachelors degree in Education, a Masters Degree in Human Resource Development, and a Masters Degree in National Strategy and Policy. Prior to moving into the field of education, Rick served in the United States Army (30 Years) in a variety of Leadership positions. He and his wife have 2 children and a Grandson. They reside in Simpsonville, SC. 

NEXT High School Pros

Pro: Professional Educator; Our Faculty and Staff

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Operational Support

Nathan Robinson,
Creative Specialist
Ben Porch,
Facilities Coordinator
Justin Howard,
Technology Coordinator
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Teaching Pros


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Rick Schwartz,
Cathy Kamieniecki,
Asst. Principal
Jordan Jacobssen,
Curriculum Coordinator
Dawn DeBoer,
HR / Finance
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Administrative Support

Susanne Wiedemann,
Records Director
Aubrii Spott,
Campus Manager
Terry Kee,
Attendance Clerk
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Peer Support

Leni Whildin,
School Counselor
Candace Morris,
Student Life Coordinator
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