Katie Kern (click to email)


Katie Kern, with over twenty-five years’ experience, is a data-driven executive with a strong track record of results in marketing, development, and performance management among businesses, nonprofits, and educational organizations. Ms. Kern’s experience has culminated in an ability to provide organizations with a multilayered approach to fundraising, quality initiatives, project management, program evaluation, sales, professional development, grants writing and management. She has spent her entire career in K-12 education and children's mental health organizations.  She is affiliated to the NEXT High School through a friendship with a student's mom and she attended the annual PTA fundraiser in November 2019.  

Qualifications and Reasons to Serve:

I love children and am honored and humble to apply my skills and education to serve on the board of NEXT High School.  I believe that my work experiences and partnership with other dedicated board and staff members will contribute to the mission, staff and futures of the student’s at NEXT High School.


I began my career as an educator working as a teacher and technology specialist for Richmond and Columbia County Schools in Augusta, GA.  Those experiences provided me an opportunity to learn and implement best practices in the teaching of children, adults, and integrating technology into the classroom.  I later worked with school districts across the southeast as consultant and sales executive in technology integration, data analytics and Total Quality Management with for-profits, non-profits, and independent assignments.


Beginning in 2013, after a move to Louisville, KY, I served on the board and numerous committees of a 176-year-old non-profit, Maryhurst, an organization that takes care of traumatized children effected by abuse and neglect.  There I worked with staff and board members to provide more data-centered reporting using scorecards.  I later resigned from the board to join the staff as VP of Development and Communications.  During this tenure, the team met fundraising goals each year, managed grants funding and administration, added an associate board, re-branded, and created marketing and communications for the celebration of Maryhurst’s 175th year anniversary.

My family relocated back to the Greenville, SC area in 2018.  I believe that my dedication to children’s education and mental health along with my own education and skill sets will make me a valuable board member who is patient and empathetic, yet persistent in the pursuit of high standards for the students of NEXT High School.