Internship Program @ NHS


Calling all Juniors and Seniors! At NEXT High School's Peer Internship Program, we empower YOU to seek out and network with businesses or nonprofits where you may like to intern.


We do have a selection of internship hosts that already work with NHS Peers—check out those opportunities here—but we want you to be part of finding the best internship fit for your interests. These contacts will also become strong partnerships for Peers who come after you.

It's never too early to get out there and start making contact with companies and organizations you are interested in. If you need help getting started, please contact Candace Morris.

Finally, start the process by filling out the Interest Application, then review and sign the Policy Manual and Transportation Waiver (click the appropriate buttons).

Businesses and Nonprofits: Are you interested in hosting a NEXT High School intern this year? Find out more here.