SC High School Graduation Requirements


Requirements for High School Graduation
To be eligible to graduate with a South Carolina High School Diploma, students must earn 24 required units of credit as outlined below.

Course credit requirements:

Students must earn 24 required Carnegie units and take either the SAT or ACT at  their school to receive a SC high school diploma. Students under the age of 21 may remain in high school and continue to get assistance until they pass the HSAP and receive a diploma. After age 21, students may enter Adult Education but may not re-enroll in high school. 

The 24 units required for graduation are distributed as follows:

  • English/Language Arts: 4 units

  • U.S. History and Constitution: 1 unit

  • Economics (1/2 unit) & US Government (1/2 unit): 1 unit

  • Other Social Studies: 1 unit

  • Math: 4 units

  • Natural Science: 3 units

  • Computer Science (includes keyboarding): 1 unit

  • Physical Education or JROTC: 1 unit

  • Electives: 7 units

  • (Other )*1 unit

* For students in a college preparatory course of study, one additional unit must be earned in a foreign language (as defined by the SC Board of Education), or 
* For students in a course of study designed to enter the work force, one additional vocational unit must be earned (as defined by the SC Board of Education). 

Further requirements:​

  • Students who earn one unit in science and six or more units in a specific occupational service area will meet the science requirements for a state high school diploma. Vocational programs operating on a 3-2-1 structure may count prevocational education as one of the six required units.

  • Students who otherwise meet the requirements for a state high school diploma must demonstrate proficiency in keyboarding and computer literacy as a condition for the receipt of a high school diploma.

  • At least one time during the four years of grades 9 through 12, each student will receive a program of instruction in comprehensive health to include the specified curriculum and minutes of instruction as outlined in the Comprehensive Health Education Act of 1988 and the regulations of the SC Board of Education.