Alexander Garvey (click to email)


Dr. Alex Garvey’s son currently attends NEXT High School. Alex joined Bon Secours St. Francis in March of 2016 as Senior Vice President, of Mission Services. He was born in Cork, Ireland, at a Bon Secours sister hospital. Alex undergraduate degree in Honors Psychology, a graduate degree in Practical Theology from Barry Dominican University in Miami, FL, and a PhD in Healthcare Ethics from Duquesne University, Pittsburg, PA. As part of his Executive responsibilities, Alex oversees the Health Systems Mission services including, Spiritual Care, Healthy Communities, Affordable Housing Initiative, and the ProjectSEARCH program. Alex sits on numerous local and national boards including the Hispanic Alliance, Piedmont Health Foundation, and Open Arms Hospice, to name a few. 

Qualifications and Reasons to Serve:

Throughout my career I have been involved in formation or educational design in one platform or another.  My history includes creating, designing and presented Graduate Ethics educational programs for Physician residents, and adult education program including continuing work with the Center of Ministry Leadership. In the last several years one of my focuses has been on access, for children on a disability spectrum, to enter programs which will assist them in seeking permanent employment such as ProjectSeach. Education has been a passion of mine and I understand how academics function in the reality of tight fiscal consideration and scrutiny.