Is NEXT High School a "tech" school?

In brief, no. At NEXT High School, we believe the tools we use are only as valuable as the way we use them. Therefore, we don't value technology for its own sake, but because it is a valuable tool (or set of tools) that can help us work, build, and collaborate. We will use technology, then, as one of our tools. It's not the driving vision for our Impact-Based model, nor will technology do the work for us.

1:1 Chromebooks

Every student at NEXT High School is provided a Chromebook to use to work, plan, learn, and collaborate. A 1:1 model (1 computer : 1 student) requires a tremendous amount of trust and accountability, and Peers are responsible for their technology use.

Online Platforms

At NEXT High School, students will use the Google Apps for Education platform as well as various web apps and online collaboration tools to work together, complete assignments, communicate, and create projects of impact. We also use an online curriculum platform so that students can complete coursework at home and at school with full support from their Pros.

Media Resources

Finally, we've equipped our space with several iMacs and iPads  students can use to record, mix, edit, and publish creative audio, video, photography, and art. Further, as a result of student projects and community partners, we've acquired some 3d printers, consoles, VR tech, and more. Our resources grow the more students and community show up to help us build!