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– Leadership, Staff, and Operations:

Rick | Site Principal

Aubrii Spott | Campus Manager

Corrie Morris | School Counselor

Joshua Neuer | Professional Student Counselor

Ethan Perkins | Technology & Facilities Coordinator

Susanne Wiedemann | Student Records Coordinator

Candace Morris | Peer Connections Manager

– Math Pros:

Sarah Davis | Math Pro

Mauricio Garcia | Math Pro

Joseph Coyle | Adjunct Math Pro

Elaine Steiner | Adjunct Math Pro

– English Pros:

Amy Bright | English Pro

John Cochran III | English Pro and ADEPT Coordinator

– Science Pros:

Catherine Kamieniecki | Science Pro and Testing Coordinator

Brad | Science Pro

Jordan Jacobssen | Science Pro, Impact Program Collaborator, and Volunteer Manager

– History Pros:

Lauren Barth | History Pro

Michael Blum | History Pro

Harrison Brookie | History Pro

– Foreign Language Pros:

Maria Gallego | Foreign Language Adjunct

Amy Hazlett | Foreign Language Adjunct

Heidi Chapman | Foreign Language Pro

Susanna Spearman | Foreign Language Pro

Juliane Will | Foreign Language Pro

– Art Pros:

Rosemary Gray | Art Pro

Shaun McCallum | Art Pro and Impact Program Collaborator

Ken Morrill | Art Pro and Impact Program Collaborator

– Special Education Pros

Valerie Martin | Special Education Coordinator

Daniel Graybeal | Special Education Pro

Alexandra Banker | Special Education Pro

Christie Smith | Special Education Pro Adjunct

Diana Tiller | Special Education Pro Adjunct

NEXT School Network

NEXT High School is part of a network of campuses that includes NEXT School Eagle Ridge in Salem, SC. Network Pros serve to build program and operations to support both campuses: