Peter B. Waldschmidt

Have you previously served on the NEXT High School Board (Planning Committee)?

Yes, I have been a member of the NEXT High School Planning Committee since its founding and  currently serve as its Chairman.

The state charter school law requires at least 50% of the elected board members have either K-12 experience or business experience. Do you meet this requirement?


Please give a brief biographical sketch. (Include connection to NEXT High School)

In 1997 a partner and I founded TetraData Corp. to create software that helped school districts improve education outcomes using insights mined from district data. TetraData grew to serve many districts and states across the U.S. until it was acquired by Follett in 2006. Subsequently, I was involved in the creation of NEXT, a Greenville organization dedicated to supporting high-growth entrepreneurship. Among other things, my current role is as the founder of, a "cloud" software platform for sharing and analyzing real-time data.

Please briefly state your qualifications and reasons for serving on the board at NEXT High School.

My son, Drew, is currently a 9th-grade student at NEXT High School. I believe that solid education options are key to improving the growth of the economy here in Greenville and more broadly, the state of South Carolina. Business growth means more jobs and opportunity for everyone. Greenville needs NEXT High School and I want to see both of them succeed.