Recapping our Film Night: Most Likely to Succeed

On Thursday, August 6, we had a screening of a great film--and we had a series of challenges along the way. We had families and Peers come out and stick with us as we worked through technical difficulties that pushed us to an hour behind schedule. But, since we believe in failing forward and in learning from tension, we kept going and got to a solution.

Parents and Peers heard from NEXT High School Pros and our CEO, got to ask more about NHS and have their questions answered, and finally enjoy the award-winning documentary  they came to see. Most Likely to Succeed is a film that speaks into the heart of what NEXT High School wants to bring to South Carolina. From

"Our education system was perfectly prepare workers for routine jobs that no longer exist. As we try to out-drill and out-test Korea we are leaving millions of young adults ill-prepared, uninspired and lacking the skills they need to thrive in an innovation economy. After seeing this film, you'll never look at school the same way again."