To prepare young people for life (after school). 

Our Mission ExPLAINED

In many education environments, there are only a few things in school that align with life outside of school. Outside of school, adults are rarely segregated by age; are valued based on their work more than written tests; and typically only pursue knowledge that interests them or advances their career.

As our Peers move toward graduation, they will be prepared for whatever life after school may look like for them—whether they pursue their passions in college, at technical school, in start-up companies and nonprofits, or as part of the larger workforce.

The world young people are inheriting is big, diverse, always-changing, and more challenging than ever. The path forward is neither linear nor simple. Students at (and graduates from) NEXT High School will be prepared for the unknown future by working with that future now; building their communities now; and making an impact now.

We’re excited to show you how.