Jill C. Rothstein

Have you previously served on the NEXT High School Board (Planning Committee)?


The state charter school law requires at least 50% of the elected board members have either K-12 experience or business experience. Do you meet this requirement?


Please give a brief biographical sketch. (Include connection to NEXT High School)

I am mom to Eli, a student at NEXT, in the downstairs "house".   I am a lawyer, serving   As Counsel and risk manager to the South Carolina Bar.   

Please briefly state your qualifications and reasons for serving on the board at NEXT High School.

I would like to use  my skill sets in problem-solving, planning , and fundraising to the NEXT board and staff.   I am not an "act immediately" person, unless it is absolutely necessary.  I prefer instead to make very carefully -researched decisions, and I think that sensibility would lend itself well to this Board environment.