IMPACT-BASED LEARNING with the i3 process™

Our i3 learning model moves students from personal interest through inquiry and into real-life impact (the three i's of the i3 Process™). This process is iterative and recursive, but leads to increasing skill in inquiry, broader interests, and greater impact on the world now.

This happens because Peers choose and build projects for real life; learn from Pro advisors who guide project goals and community connection; and apply core knowledge and skills to doing something now—not after graduation. Our impact-based approach harnesses entrepreneurial values and design thinking, empowering students both to learn and to build their world now.

What about Project-Based Learning (PBL)?

We value the established track record and merit of Project-Based Learning done well.  That said, we also believe that there are  a lot of people using "PBL" as a shorthand to appear innovative, or to tack projects onto what is still largely an outworn model. We think it's important to draw a distinction here, because a project is just busy work if it doesn't make an impact.

In short, Impact-Based Learning at NEXT High School gives our students (Peers) the chance to create real-world value now by building businesses, non-profits, inventions, events, intellectual property, and more—while they are still students, and before they know that they "can't" change the world.

Give them the keys and let them drive

We believe that giving NEXT High School Peers the voice and choice to pursue projects from their own interests will lead to learning in the best ways possible—the ways that make things happen.

We've committed not to shoehorn content into a project just to make it fit our ideals, or construct a project ourselves and simply assign it to students to complete. Instead, our Pros work with Peers to scaffold and reinforce core content and skills to help them succeed in any pursuit.