Deanna Hudgens

Have you previously served on the NEXT High School Board (Planning Committee)?


The state charter school law requires at least 50% of the elected board members have either K-12 experience or business experience. Do you meet this requirement?


Please give a brief biographical sketch. (Include connection to NEXT High School)

From a young age, philanthropy and service have been a part of my life.  I have served in various capacities from civic groups to school councils to non-profit and bank boards.  It is important to me to continually offer time for serving my community where I can serve, learn, and improve both the organization as well as myself.  Someone said, "Community Service is the rent we pay for the quality of life we get to enjoy."  I agree.

Born in Flint, Michigan, I moved to South Carolina in 1985 to attend Clemson University.  In 1989, I earned a Bachelor of Science in Architectural Design as well as a Masters Degree in City & Regional Planning in 1992.  One of my greatest honors has been to return and serve as a member the Clemson Architectural Foundation Board that I served as a student intern.

Alexander Hemberger is my son.  He is a Freshman at NEXT. although he has always been an honor roll student, he has not enjoyed school since 2nd grade.  Now, he talks about school every day and wants to stay late each school day.  As a parent, this makes me very happy.  His enrollment and experience make up my connection.

Please briefly state your qualifications and reasons for serving on the board at NEXT High School.

In 1992, Greenville, SC became my home after graduating from Clemson.  I have worked four professional jobs since then beginning as a neighborhood planner, a Greenville City Planner, and, in 1997, started an international, multi-million dollar company that is still going strong.  Currently, I am a Commercial Real Estate Broker with Lee & Associates.  I believe my professional, governmental, entrepreneurial, and philanthropic experiences / network present opportunities that would serve a rising trailblazer like NEXT.  My abilities are vast and I believe there is almost nothing the right team cannot accomplish.  I am a team player and love to encourage others to operate in their strengths.  I like to create what has yet to be created and improve on what is.