Our Pros—Professional Educators—make the magic happen. More than "just teachers," Pros engage Peers (students) at every level—leading small-group Advisories, guiding Impact Projects, supporting Breakout opportunities,  participating in SHOWOFF events—while at the same time bringing professional expertise to their fields of instruction. If you're not yet sure what all those things mean,  click around our website a little more.

Click here for our current job postings. 

Note: This list will include postings for NEXT High School as well as our second campus in Salem, SC: NEXT School Eagle Ridge. We try to post open or potential positions in December, and update throughout the year. Please note, we do not accept phone calls about position openings or application status. Thank you for your cooperation and application! (See below for a bit more information about our SPED and Adjunct hiring programs.)


Special education at NEXT High School involves accommodating diverse learner needs across our whole program, and seeks to provide resources for special- and general education students. In an open-structure school, we have both unique challenges and exciting  opportunities.


We also have adjunct/or part time positions. Do you have expertise in creative arts, health/fitness, tech, music, career electives, etc. to bring to the table and a flexible schedule? Pros with multiple fields to draw from are a great fit for adjunct or elective positions.