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Camp Greenville Information

We are so excited to announce that NEXT School Peers once again have the opportunity to attend YMCA Camp Greenville at a generously discounted rate of $30.00 (ordinarily $111.00) per person. In addition to paying the registration fee below, parents must complete two forms available below for digital submission no later than November 1, 2017. Registration is limited to 30 Peers, so please don't wait! Peers may apply for the 1/2 price scholarship at the bottom of this page. 

Also, don't miss the very important YMCA Camp Greenville packing list. We recommend you print a copy and pack it with the attending Peer to make sure all packed items return home. 

parent chaperones

If you are interested in being a parent chaperone (no cost), here's what to do:

  • Complete the Health History & Waiver above for yourself as well your attending child (if applicable), indicate "N/A" for any items not applicable but required by the form.
  • If you have not done so this school year, please complete a Background Check Consent Form
  • Email about your interest in being a parent chaperone. 
2017 Camp Greenville Registration Fee

This fee is for Peer attendees. In order to attend Camp Greenville a parent/guardian must also complete the Student Health History and Waiver of Liability form as well as the Behavior Contract in addition to registration fee payment. 

Registration will be open until November 1st. 1/2 price scholarship recipiants will be annouced on or before October 31st.

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