Robert Glen Best

Have you previously served on the NEXT High School Board (Planning Committee)?


The state charter school law requires at least 50% of the elected board members have either K-12 experience or business experience. Do you meet this requirement?


Please give a brief biographical sketch. (Include connection to NEXT High School)

I grew up in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and attended college at Lehigh University (biochemistry BS, 1981) and graduate school at NC State in Raleigh (toxicology MS 1983; toxicology & genetics 1987). I joined the faculty at the USC School of Medicine Columbia in 1986 where I served a number of roles over a 25+ year period before coming to Greenville to launch a new medical school.  I currently hold serve as the Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs.  I am a founding fellow of the American College of Medical Genetics & Genomics and have helped to found the American Cytogenetics Conference, Cancer Genomics Consortium, and the International Academy of Nanomedicine, serving as an officer or Board member for each.  My primary expertise is in medical genetics, genetic counseling, birth defects prevention/ research, medical education, and faculty governance.  My son, Asher , is in the inaugural class of peers at NEXT High School and my wife, Felicia, is active with the Next Steps Wellness Committee. I am presently serving as Interim Chair of the Parent Advisory Committee (but would step down if elected to the Board. 

Please briefly state your qualifications and reasons for serving on the board at NEXT High School.

My current role involves strategic planning and direction for the medical school, and I have significant experience nationally and internationally as a Board member of officer in professional organizations.